Our Brand: CIZMAR Shoes

The name: Cizmar (Romanian) literally means "shoemaker", "cobbler", from the South Slavic word čižmy, boots.

Cizmar – A label created by us two friends, who share a common passion for shoes and fashion, and fret over their handsome prices on traditional retail channels. Lucky to get the opportunity to steer manufacturing, we launched brand Cizmar, a great convergence of form, function, design and comfort as we sample, select, design and detail to our satisfaction. Handcrafted and finished under our care, we remain confident about our quality. With the online market heralding the future, and of course trimming all unwanted retail channel costs, we are selling our select range of shoes at very attractive pricing through our website www.cizmarshoes.com, with direct delivery to your home…from shoe lovers to lovers of shoes!

Our USP:

  • In-house production ensuring faster turnaround time.
  • Top Quality at affordable prices in both leather and faux leather.