Shoes...a necessity for all...but a luxury for some...

We have all contributed clothes, food, books etc. for the less lucky but shoes usually get missed out and are actually given when in tatters , mostly after multiple trips to the cobbler!

Being shoe manufacturers and sellers, we feel strongly about this gap as we truly believe that good shoes help all to 'walk an extra mile' while pursuing their goals.

Hence we are excited to announce the beginning of the campaign 'Shoes For All' with the support of NeeV, wherein each shoe sold from our online store, will contribute towards purchase of shoes for the NeeV children.

We hope and trust that our combined endeavour is able to provide a strong 'Neev' (foundation) to this campaign to bring new shoes, and, a spring in their step, to our less privileged future generation!


NeeV, a learning centre for the under-served, is a programme run under Bharat Memorial Charitable Trust (BMCT, registered in the year 1997 in Panchkula, Haryana) initiated with the aim of making a difference to the society. NeeV was conceptualised and launched on September 27, 2007 with the intent of focusing our energies and resources at the very initial stage of an individual's growth. Hence the name, NeeV, the foundation.